We are proud to announce our upgraded Legion Membership!

Legion Membership Benefits!
  • FREE GAME on initial membership purchase
  • FREE KEY FOB to register your chosen gamer tag name on every game of laser tag you play! (Member names are in ALL CAPS to easily distinguish member status)
  • FREE custom game card / ID card to use on every visit for discounts and events
  • 15% DISCOUNT on all regular priced items and attractions, including weekly specials!
  • EXCLUSIVE EVENTS and DISCOUNTS (announced monthly), only available to members (lock-ins, tournaments, meet-and-greets, and bonus discounts)
Scheduled Legion-Only Specials:

May 1-5: WEEKDAY FREEBIE FUN !One Free game of Laser Tag or Glo Golf (1 per member, per promotional period).

May 7-12 BOGO MADNESS! Free game of Laser Tag with every paid game! (no limits)

May 21-27 SUPER BOWL MUNCHIES! Buy our new Photon Torpedo, get a large drink FREE.

June 4-10 HALF HOUR HEAVEN! One Free 30 minute Arcade play added to your Legion Card (1 per member, per promotional period)