Are you ready for State-of-the-Art equipment?

Our packs, guns & gaming software are the best available: the sleekest, most brilliant tagging sensors, the most breathable & heavy-duty ballistic nylon vest, with the ability to configure the game in almost infinte ways! Our custom "S.O.S." briefing video gets you ready for the action, describing all the elements of play. Here's a quick overview of our services:


Read Our vests fit those from ages 5 to 95...the most comfortable and secure vests, yet lightest in the industry.
Read Brilliant Green lasers flash from your gun muzzle as the battle rages on....
Read Audio cues alert you when you're hit, with stereo audio & vibrators creating instant recognition of where you were shot!
Read Scoring information is available on your guns' full-color information display.
Read Bases that give bonuses and mines that can be set to trigger an area laser blast!!!
Read The top players' score will be played across the scoring monitor in real-time...
Read Up to 8 teams can be in the fight at once!
Read Game variations include:
Read Capture the Flag, Infection, Solo, Team, Elimination, Nexus Insanity, Bases and Many More!
Read It's a whole new game!
* All laser tag games are on a first come first serve basis. Reservations are made for Party Packages only.
Laser Legion is the next level in gaming.

Legion members can reserve their favorite name for as long as they are one can steal your identity!!

Are you ready for the best themed, best playing arena?

Our arena, along with the entire building, has been professionally built, painted and themed to put you in smack-dab in the middle of an epic space battle!

Bases are 14 foot robots, with defensive positions, and indicators to let your team know if they're being attacked.
Foam core barriers, to make any unexpected bumps and thumps trauma-less.
Over 5000 square feet, and 2 levels of battle anarchy!!!
Black light illumination through-out...
Bases and targets that can fight back !!!
An installed scoring monitor shows player scores in real-time...
Music and fog add to the immersive environment!