A great Video Arcade? You bet!

You Parents deserve a treat, too!  How about Huge Hi-Def sports playing throughout the facility, free wi-fi, and how about a massage?  Our brand new massage chairs will bring harmony to an otherwise chaotic life!  Yep...it's good to be a Mom or Dad!

Get into Laser Legend and enjoy our newest arcade games:

Also recent arrivals:
Walking Dead, Ice Bal FX, Pac Man Ticket Mania, Dirty Driving & Sno Cross!


Our arcade is dedicated to the newest and best playing games available!
Read 18 prize games allowing players to collect tickets electronically, and win awesome prizes (How about an Apple Watch or Nintendo Switch!!
Read 40+ arcade games, from standards like Air Hockey and Ice Ball FX to the most popular, like Walking Dead, Fishbowl Frenzy, Guitar Hero, Dirty Driving and Star Wars Battle Pod!
Read Over 4000 square feet dedicated to the best playing, best maintained games out there!!!
Read A great game card system, allowing us to be the "greenest" prize arcade out there.
Read Game cards allow players to keep money and prize tickets on the card, so the values are always known!
Here is just a partial game list...we do change out and upgrade our arcade frequently, so look for additional games every few months:

Aliens Armageddon, Harpoon Lagoon, Dirty Drivin' (x2), X Games SnoCross (x2), Jurassic Park 3, LA Machine Guns, Marvel vs Capcom 2, OutRun 2 SP (x2), Star Wars Battle Pod (x2), Fishbowl Frenzy, Pac Man Chomp Mania , Star Wars Trilogy, Global Arcade,  Virtua Cop 3, Prize Crane (x2), Dance Dance Revolution, Big Bass Pro, Ice Ball FX (x3), Star Trek Pinball, Ghost Squad, Guitar Hero and Daytona USA, Hoop Fever (x2), Cyclone and Batman!

Juke N Box

Laser Legend's newest arcade attraction!

Take a jump into Juke N Box! Along with being a great, dynamic game that combines music, energy and action, Juke’n’box is a great activity to encourage team building in kids and young adults.

It’s a great way for adults and kids to get exercise and get limber while showing off their moves!.  Coming soon...scoring tiles to amp-up your score and increase the difficulty (if you so desire!)