FUNctions that hit the mark with laser accuracy!

Teambuilding Program 1: $30 per person - 4 hour workshop with 4 Laser Tag Games
Teambuilding Program 2: $35 per person  - 4 hour workshop with 4 Laser Tag Games/Lunch and Drinks
Teambuilding Program 3: $40 per person  - 4 hour workshop with 4 Laser Tag Games/Lunch and Drinks/30 Minute Video Game Card
Typical workshops address 3 business success indicators: Communication, Leadership and Problem Solving.

20 Guest minimum required for all Teambuilding Programs.

Just want a cool place to have a meeting? We have a 1000 sf conference center capable of handling well over 100 people, with HD projection on a 15' Screen. Projector is able to play slide shows, DVDs, etc.


Education at the Speed of Light Program: $21.99 per person
Pizza lunch w/ soda or tea may be added to the package at a cost of $3.99 per participant.
15 Guest minimum required.

Our standard 2-hour school program includes 1 hour of hands-on discussion regarding the Science behind our laser tag system: Laser beam generation, Infra-red laser pack communication, Radio Frequency communication, Lithium-Ion battery packs, and more. Following the discussion, is 1 hour of "applied science", as your students (and teachers, also) put the SCIENCE to work and play 3 different laser tag games designed to emphasize Teamwork, Strategy, and Communication.

2 hour Private lock-in

(ANY 2 hours outside of regular business hours - $500 weekdays /$800 Sunday* minimum required...Concurrent with operating hours, minimums can be waived.)
*Subject to availability (Closure during normal operating hours can occur for large groups)
Includes UNLIMITED Laser Tag, Arcade, & Glo Golf *$3.99 Food Upgrade Option is available.
$14.00 per person – may be used as multiples (ex. 4 hr. event is $28 per person)



We can structure either a scheduled event, or provide you with vouchers you can sell for anytime use! Up to 25% of revenue goes right back to your group!


Overnight Lock In

12am-6am (other times available): (Minimum 40 attendees required)

$35 for 6 hours of UNLIMITED Laser Tag, Arcade, and Glo Golf! 1 party room will be designated a "quiet room", a second Party room will have Hi-Def Movies playing, and a third party room will be for refreshments. Hot food will be available for sale until 2am, and sweets, chips and energy drinks will be available for sale the entire event. Parental consent forms required for those participants under 18 years of age.

Click here to download the Parental consent form.


Churches, Daycares, Associations, etc.

We know money is tight, and a cost-effective outing is key.  We can make available any package above, and can make your event tax-free if you are a 501(c)3. Let us tailor an experience specifically for your needs.
To discuss any of our large group options and to make reservations, just call 210-444-9025 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

During the school year, our facilities are available any weekday for your private functions.
A minimum charge of $400 is required to host an event during non-business hours.